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Our delicious homemade sausage has brought us recognition from all 50 states and several foreign countries as well. Only the finest ingredients go into our sausage, our homemade pork sausage is made with meat, not lard. Try our sweet or M&S original flavors and find out how good pork sausage can be.

Honey cured hams are one of our pride and joys here at M&S. You'll love the sweet tang of natural honey used in curing our hams.

We are famous in the Flathead Valley in Montana for our great selection of Buffalo meats and sausages. Compared beef, Buffalo has 30% more protein, 70% less fat, 50% less cholesterol, no chemicals or antibiotics, and is non-allergenic. Buffalo has a tantalizing flavor not found in beef, and is actually more tender. Try our Buffalo jerky, one of our most popular items We make it the old fashioned way. The quality is high and the price is low.

Buffalo Jerky - Quality Meat products from Montana - a great gift idea

Buffalo Gift Pack  - Gourmet food at its finest

Make gift shopping a snap with one of our popular gift boxes. We will pack samples of our tastiest Buffalo products in a sturdy, decorative box and ship it anywhere in the U.S. for you.

M & S Meats
Highway 93 South
Rollins, Montana 59931

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