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Lucy is the owner of M & S Meats and Sausage near Rollins Montana Elk and buffalo jerky and sausages are great treats.
You can see Lucy Carlson, proprietor, on the Food Find Network, Home and Garden Station, and the Travel Guide. She is also featured in the Gourmet Magazine. Our store is a must see to believe all the varieties of meats, cheeses, and gifts that M&S Meats and Sausage carry.

M & S Meats is on Highway 93 on the west shore of Flathead Lake

Beautiful Flathead Lake in Northwest Montana
Mile marker 87. Phone us @ 800-454-3414 for directions. We look forward in hearing from you.M&S Meats is located on the west shore of scenic Flathead Lake in Northwest Montana.

Buffalo is an healthier meat

Try M & S Meats Barbeque and Steak Sauce
Compared with beef, Buffalo has 30% more protein, 70% less fat, 50% less cholesterol, no chemicals or antibiotics, and is non-allergenic.Have you tried our barbeque and steak sauce? A 60 year old recipe.

Call us to make a special gift box with our jerky and sausage.

M & S Meats specializes in buffalo jerky, sausage and also smoked cheese
Phone us @ 800-454-3414 and order your gift box. Our staff is knowledgeable on all products; as well as eager to assist you in picking out just the right combination. Many varieties to choose from. Salami, Summer Sausage, Pepperoni (our award winning recipe), Thuringer, and Andouille; just a few of our ready to eat sausages. Do we have your mouth watering yet?

M & S Meats and Sausage
23691 Highway 93 South
Rollins, Montana 59931
Fax: (406) 844-3497
Tele: (406) 844-3414
Toll Free: (800) 454-3414