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We invite you to come and experience our unique store in Historic Old Town Florence on the beautiful Oregon Coast.  Our charming seaport building is home to Port Hole Books and Port Hole Publications.
Ellen Traylor's Port Hole Books

  • Featuring the works of the owner- Bestselling Author Ellen Gunderson Traylor

  • Publishers and distributors of Ms. Traylor's works, and those of other fine authors

  • A General Bookstore Offering New, Used and Rare Books

  • "First Editions Our Specialty"

  • Free search service for out of print and hard to find books as well as special orders

  • Book appraisal service, good for insurance/marketing purposes

Interior of Port Hole Books - specializing in rare or out of print books

Port Hole Books - Store
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120 Maple Street
PO Box 205
Phone: 541-902-9091
Florence, Oregon 97439
Westlake, OR 97493
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